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  BeeVibe Juicery seeks to offer a mindset, a vibe shall you, of optimal health. With a combination of exercise, efficient rest and a nourishing diet, BeeVibe strives to provide juices and immune boosting shots that will not only improve, but enhance ones day-to-day lifestyle. Infused with rich, locally sourced ingredients, these juices provide daily sources of vitamins, protein, fruits and vegetables.


BeeVibe's unique brand image pays homage to Emmanuel's home country of Ghana, Africa.

Each bottle we supply is inscribed with the Gye Nyame symbol

an important recognition to the Akan people of Ghana.

The name meaning "God (Nyame) is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient."

is what our founder has made to be a motto in his everyday life.


BeeVibe Juicery has a vision to influence and benefit people to a healthier organic lifestyle. Our goal is to bring new and exciting recipes to meet our consumers needs in the Greater Toronto Area. 

The name is “BEEVIBE” because we strive to mock the same collective system that honeybees use.

Honey bees represent unity and working together to achieve  their goal.

The health benefits and delicious tastes behind BeeVibe’s products represent the ethos or core of its organization and will be provided through its efficient, yet thoughtful service model. Being in proper alignment with one’s self is achieved by attaining a strong physical foundation, reinforcing a sound mind and propagating a tranquil spirit. A lasting good vibe is exactly what BeeVibe is set on being and continuing to be.

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